How should mechanical watches undergo daily maintenance?

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How much do you know about mechanical watches? In fact, a mechanical watch is a very delicate mechanical object. If you want its service life to be longer, you need to understand some of its daily maintenance knowledge and regularly carry out maintenance and repair.

1. It is best to wind it up at a fixed time every day (for manual mechanical watches), with one full stroke. The speed of the windup knob should be appropriate and not too tight. It's too tight, the spring is easily stuck by the oil in the spring box. When the spring is relaxed, it is easy to break due to excessive elasticity.

2. The most delicate parts in the watch movement belong to the pendulum and hairspring. The swing wheel is because its axis is very thin, about 0.10mm. The swing wheel rotates at high speed in the watch, and the entire mass of the swing wheel depends on it to support it. So, it's best to take off a watch when it's shaking violently or hitting something with your hand. In addition, watches are also afraid of water immersion, so it is best to remove the watch when washing clothes, washing hands, or doing other work that comes into contact with water. If there is fog or water spots on the watch glass, it should be repaired in a timely manner, and the fog and water spots should be wiped off to avoid damaging the movement.

3. Do not open the watch cover at will to prevent dust from falling in, and do not move it randomly. If there is a malfunction, please send it to the watch shop for repair in a timely manner.

4. A common malfunction of mechanical watches is inaccurate timing, especially when the watch movement is accidentally magnetized. Therefore, when the watch is not worn, do not place the watch on electrical appliances such as the TV or audio system to avoid being magnetized by the speaker magnet and affecting the timing. In addition, watches should not be placed together with camphor, as camphor is a highly volatile substance that can easily solidify engine oil.

5. Pay attention to protecting the watch lens, avoid rubbing against sharp and sharp substances, and avoid being corroded by high pressure, high heat, and chemical reagents to avoid damage. If there are slight scratches, toothpaste can be applied to a velvet cloth and rubbed back and forth on the mirror to eliminate the scratches. Do not wipe with alcohol to avoid the mirror from breaking due to chemical interaction with alcohol.

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